TPS Tech Tips: What to do if your Laptop is Always Running Out of Battery?


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Posted by The Phone Shop on Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Seeing our laptop’s battery running low is one of the things we dread the most. This can be inconvenient especially if we are rushing to meet a deadline and there is no power outlet in sight. If this constantly happens to you, we have some good news. You can implement these simple tips and tricks to extend the life of your battery whilst you find the nearest outlet.

Activate battery saving mode

It can’t be denied that modern laptops are more efficient than their predecessors. Most of them have battery saver tools that can stretch your laptop’s battery life. If you are using Windows 7 or 8, you can click the battery icon on the lower right part of your screen and then choose between the Balanced and Power Saver modes. Balanced mode is a default setting that automatically increases and decreases your CPU’s speed according to its need whilst Power Saver reduces the CPU’s speed the entire time. For Windows 10 users, you can simply click the battery icon and drag the slider to the leftmost position to enable Battery Saver mode. This will reduce display brightness and suspend most background apps.

Meanwhile, for Mac OS users, you can select the Energy Saver option. Open it by clicking the Spotlight magnifying-glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Search for Energy Saver, and then click on the Battery tab. This will give you some battery-saving options that you could check according to your preference. You can put the hard disk to sleep, slightly dim the display and enable Power Nap.

Adjust your screen brightness

Your screen takes a big chunk of your battery power to keep your display clear and bright. If you are running low on power, consider reducing the brightness of your screen. Most laptops have keyboard shortcuts that enable you to modify your screen display. Just press the sun icon key that has an arrow pointing down.

Unplug connected devices

USB devices that are plugged into your laptop can easily drain your battery as your motherboard has to power them. To allow your laptop to last a bit longer, disconnect the devices connected by USB such as mouse, hard drive, disc drive, phone or tablet. This will help you gain vital minutes of battery life.

Disable features that are not in use

Even if you think it won’t make a difference, turning off things you don’t need can positively affect the life of your laptop battery. If you have a back-lit keyboard, consider turning it off especially if you are running low on power. You may also switch off the sound and the Bluetooth features when not in use, as well as the Wi-Fi if you can work offline. Turning off automatic updates can also help. Just modify your settings so that the applications will only update when your laptop is plugged into a power source.

Close unnecessary applications

We usually multi-task when working on the computer. When we do, we tend to open more than one program at the same time. If there are programs that you don’t need at the moment, consider closing them first. Applications like photo and video editors use large amount of computer resources, which can drain battery power easily. Closing them can give you the few extra minutes that you need.

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