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What we do

We buy, sell and exchange majority of Smartphones and Tablets.

The easiest way to sell your device is to visit us in store. One of our team members can take a look and run some tests to make sure you get the maximum price for your device. Below is a couple of tips for when selling your device to us. We aim to make your purchase process as simple, and as quick as can be. Don’t forget we also buy devices that are non-working. So don’t worry to much about the condition of your device. We will still make you an offer for parts.




How do I sell my Device?

Do you have an old Device that you no longer use? We’ll buy it, and give it a new home. Simply pop in to store, or call/email us for a quote. Visiting our shop is the traditional way, but the easiest and quickest way to sell your device.

Couple of things to have ready when visiting a store to sell your device

  1. Your device
  2. Photo ID, and a proof of address
  3. Wipe the device, or have the iCloud or account settings to hand
  4. Always helps to know your network, as it will make the checking process faster


What I.D. do I need?

Passport or Drivers license is needed, if you are supplying a Passport then you will also need a letter addressed to you, no later than 3 months old . This is to provide proof of address.


Do I remove my sim and memory card?

Yes, we won’t need your sim or memory card when purchasing a device.


Do I need to wipe my device?

Yes please make sure it’s wiped fully and logged out of any accounts before you bring it in or post it in. It’s some reassurance that your information is cleared and secure.


How do I wipe my Device?

Depending on what device you have, usually a “Factory reset” or a “Restore” will wipe your device.  Most iPhones can simply be wiped by going into the “settings>general>reset” and ”Erase all Content and Settings” you will need your password to do this. If you get stuck don’t worry we can help you with this, just get in touch.


Will my data be seen by others?

No. we factory reset all the data on any handsets that we buy. This is to protect you.


How do I get paid?

We usually pay cash. However if you wish for the moneys to be transferred to an account via Bacs ( Bank Transfer ). Then we can do this also. Please note, when doing a Bacs payment, this can take up to 1 working day.


Didn’t find the answer your looking for?

If you didn’t find the answer above then please feel free to email or call us. One of our team members will be happy to help.


We’ll even take faulty or damaged phones, so why not give us a call today! 0117 9424400