WHOOSH! Screen Shine Wipes (Pack of 20)


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Our incredible Screen Shine spray, now in a convenient wipe packet!


  • POWERFUL SCREEN CLEANER  – specifically designed to clean your cell phone and other tech screens and make them shine like new.
  • FOR ALL ELECTRONIC SCREENS – Smartphones, iPads, Computer screens, Laptops, e-Readers, TV’s, Eyeglasses, and more
  • MAKES YOUR SCREEN CLEAN  – of dust, dirt, oil, and gunk. That’s really clean!
  • 2 STEP CLEAN – Use the wet wipe first to clean your screen and then use an added microfiber cloth to make it shine like new!


  • 20 Screen Shine Wipes
  • 1 microfiber W! cloths (4 x 3 in/10.16 x 7.6 cm)