What are the Incidents that lead to Phone Breakage?

No phone is going to last forever, however, with proper care and protection your phone can last for years. There are times when events out of our control happen and we have no choice but to visit a mobile phone repair and customisation shop.

In this article, we have compiled some of the most common incidents that lead to our customers’ phone breakages.

1. Toilet Accidents
A huge number of customers report that they broke their phones in a toilet accident. Did you know that almost half of all mobile phones that have suffered water damage is because it fell down the loo?

2. Cats
According to veterinarian Dr. Ellen Whitely, a cat’s act of destruction is a sign that your cat is bored or hungry. Whatever the reason is, your cat is surely asking for your attention. Cats enjoy knocking things over like a vase or a book. If you happen to leave your phone on your cat’s favourite table then expect to have it knocked out of the way.

3. In the washing machine
We live in a world where being productive is the main measure of our survival. This means that after having a long, hard and tiring day in the office, all you want to do is remove all your clothes and jump into bed. Because of this, most people forget to check the pockets of their clothes. As a result, phones get tossed into the drier.

4. Dropped in the bathtub
It seems like a decade ago that we used to take books or newspapers with us as we relax in the bathtub. However, with the rapid change of technology and the popularity of smartphones, using them became a part of our daily lives. Our definition of relaxing in the bath is scrolling through our Facebook feed and playing games. Consequently, phones have a high possibility of being dropped in the bathtub.

5. Fell off the car roof
This might sound funny but there are a lot of phone breakages that are because of this. People often forget that they placed their phones on the roof of their car while searching for their keys and just drove off.

6. Dropped on hard floor
Probably the most common reason why users break their device. Dropping phones on the floor usually happens when doing just the most mundane tasks, like walking or talking to someone. Most of the time, the phones would just slip out of your hands or you’d just forget it’s on your lap as you stand.

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