Do you offer a drop-in repair service?

Yes, this is where we started, in store. No need to book an appointment.

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Do you offer a cALL oUT repair service?

Yes, we do offer this service.  Times available, do vary depending on volumes of repairs in store.

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is the repair guaranteed?

Yes, all repairs are guaranteed for 12 months. As long as they have not been repaired elsewhere previously, dropped or damaged, or been in contact with any liquid.

Lifetime Warranty Service. This new service is available in store only and only available on selected iPhone and iPad glass replacements. Please note that ,if repaired elsewhere previously or been in contact with any liquid, you will not be covered for any warranty. It covers you for touch issues with the new screen.

No Warranty. We do not cover accidental damage. So this means drops or any sign of damage. When the device has been opened or tampered with after our repair. Neither is there any cover if the device has been in contact with liquid or exposed to moisture in any way. We can refuse the warranty if we see any of these issues.

selling your device to us?

Yes, we do offer this service.  In fact we have a whole page explaining what you’ll need.

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You can remove your SIM before sending it. We don’t need your SIM card for any of our phone repairs.



We recommend some bubblewrap, and then an A4 jiffy bag doubled over, or alternatively a box.


how long does a walk in or postal repair take?

We understand that your phone is important to you. So we aim to get walk-in repairs done in under 1 hour. Postal repairs are slightly different. If we receive your device before 1pm then you will receive it back within 48 hours. Devices that are received after 1pm can take up to 72 hours.


What if you cannot repair my phone?

  • We are confident that if you have booked the correct repair for your phone we will be able to repair it. If we cannot we will refund your entire fee. In some cases, we will charge a minimum of £25 labour this can be to cover work carried out at your request.
  • If you book the wrong repair but we can still repair your phone we will let you know if there is any price difference and/or extra cost.
  • If you book a phone repair but the fault is something else which cannot be repaired we will refund all your money apart from £10 to cover the expense of returning your phone. ( £10 charge only applies with Postal Service )
  • If you book the wrong repair but the repair has already been carried out you will still be liable for the repair fee. 


Where are you based?

The Phone Shop. 24A Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol  BS7 8AE.



 If you cannot find the support you require, please contact one of our technicians. Contact us