Cracked Phone Screen

What’s the Crack with a Cracked Phone Screen?

No matter how you did it, your phone screen is cracked. There are long-running gags that iPhone screens have the longevity of spaghetti in hot water, but truth be told, all types of phone are vulnerable.

When should you get a cracked phone screen repaired?

If the crack is minor and not really affecting the functionality of your phone, then you may be able to get away without a repair for a while. However, it’s not an ideal long-term solution, and we would still recommend bringing it into a repair shop for a mobile expert to look at before it becomes an urgent issue.

If the crack is large, has spread across your screen, or shows any signs of glass shards pointing upwards, then ensure you take it in for repair ASAP – after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What if I don’t get it checked out?

It can be problematic to leave a cracked screen unfixed. At a minimum, it will make streaming videos or FaceTiming difficult. But in a worst-case scenario, tiny glass shards can get into fingers or eyes, and aren’t always noticeable to begin with; nonetheless, though, they’ll be unpleasant and painful to deal with when ignored.

Screen cracks can also cause further damage to the phone itself too. Oils, foreign materials and debris can make their way into even small crevices, which is just going to cause additional problems for your precious iPhone or Samsung down the line.

How can I prevent getting a cracked screen?

One of the best ways to prevent getting a cracked screen is to protect your phone. And that starts with investing in range of phone guards and cases and phone cases that fit your make and model. Check out our screen protectors, as well as our glass replacement service should your phone unfortunately suffer damage. To enquire about our screen repair services, you can call us on 0117 942 4400 or email us at

Or, who knows, you might crack your screen, say, around September, and decide to just buy the new iPhone instead. Apple really isn’t slick trying to keep it a secret.

Original Vs Copy iPhone LCD Screen

Difference Between Original Vs Copy iPhone LCD Screen

When customers visit a shop for a screen repair, some shops will give them an option to choose between an original screen and a ‘copy’ screen. Most of the time, the first question that a customer asks is “What’s the difference between the two?” Originals are manufactured for Apple while copy screens are only compatible replacements that are manufactured by third party companies. Most of the time, customers choose the relatively affordable copy rather than the original because of the price distinction, but original iPhone screens are still recommended because of its far higher quality.

In this article, we will be sharing our knowledge of copy screens and how different they are from original iPhone screens.

1. Digitizer and Touch Problems

One of the most noticeable differences between an original and a copy is how the touch sensor also called the digitizer is designed. Original Apple screens manufacture digitizers as part of the LCD while copy screens manufacture it on the glass.

There are some companies that manufacture bare LCDs themselves, but these LCDs are also bought by other companies, who in turn add the other parts to create a complete working screen. Because of this, it is possible that you get a great LCD screen, but the digitizer is poor quality.

For iPhone 6, 6s and 6s+
, iPhones transferred the chips necessary for the digitizer to work directly on the LCD, that means that when you buy a ‘copy screen’ for these models, you are not only getting a copy of the screen but a copy of the chip.

2. Low Quality LCD Panels

When you buy a copy screen you are also buying a low image quality for your phone. This is because the LCD is of poor quality. The problems experienced are weak brightness, contrast and vibrancy, grainy appearance because of low image resolution and lower refresh rate.

3. Mismatched Parts

In most cases, the performance specification of copy screens is not identical to the original ones. As a result, the battery of the phone drains faster and the OS or operating system is misled. This mismatch is also a possible cause of damage to your backlight.

4. Problems with the Fingerprint ID reader

Copy screens can also create damage to your phone’s touch ID fingerprint reader. The home button flexes on the copy screens design which makes it stop working, and we all know the struggle of not having a working ID fingerprint reader.

Some shops offer copy screens to remain competitive in the market since the difference in price ranges to £20-30. Still, you can get the most of your money with the original for having a better performing iPhone screen. Even though there are different qualities of copy screens, from good copies that actually work to cheaply made ones, there are several factors at play to have your iPhone be used seamlessly. Aside from the points above, one of the factors that might affect the use of your phone with a copy is the Apple updates that conflict with the low grade copy screens.

Eventually, it is your decision whether to choose an original one or not. But additional pounds for an original screen is a good investment. You can avoid all the possible damage caused by copy screens which in turn will help you save money in the long run since you won’t need to return to a shop for further repairs.

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